Know More about Educational Trust

Know More about Educational Trust

Expodian Educational & Welfare trust is a non government organization committed to the development and empowerment of the education system in India, especially in rural part of the country. Having it’s headquarter at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the trust has founded to support United Nations 4th Sustainable Development goal for “Quality Education”. To improve proficiency and ability of major population, there is a need for upgrading the quality and standards of our present education system. There is a huge number of unemployment despite of numerous job opportunities worldwide. One of the major causes is lack of quality education that results in educated but not qualified job applicants. The trust is developing network of schools located at various terrains of India to provide quality education to the students studying over there. In order to nurture children and lay healthy foundation for society, there is a need of quality education system that should have long lasting learning experience for children. Our aim is to develop future leaders, thinkers, innovators and problem solver, not the people having just a degree. Our major focus areas are as follows:-

• Provide Certified Teachers to under developed schools free of cost

• Offers loan facility to the schools at lowest interest rate

• Support schools in Marketing and business development

• Support schools to get school management software at lowest cost

• Support for training and certification of teaching staff

We at Expodian transform schools through education empowerment. We took the initiative to improve the quality of our existing education system that ultimately delivers the highly qualified professionals to serve the nation. We strongly believe that collective actions are required for balanced and sustainable community development.

Schools in rural area face numerous challenges such as lack of qualified teachers; insufficiency of funds etc, these hurdles can be overcome by working in partnership with communities to develop realistic solutions for schools. Our team has wealth of experience to introduce innovative teaching techniques to the schools and support them to improve the quality of their education system. We offer teaching support system for pre-schools and main stream private schools across India. In order to maintain Uniform Teaching System, quality and follow good practices in all schools, we organize regular checks, feedback forms and sessions, solutions to the problems, curriculum up gradation and counselling sessions on education system for schools and teachers.

We strongly believe that India can achieve its true growth when the education system in the country is empowered to transform our young future leaders. With this thought, we took the initiative to bring together the best educational practices through 360-degree development across Education sector. Our aim is to create a Social model for development in Education sector that can be replicated at pan India. We are committed towards our goal and determined to create school education system and communities that will have an ability to contribute significantly to India’s growth story. For more details, please visit “Who we are” section.