Highly Qualified Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers

We strive to provide highly qualified teachers to the schools free of cost. We appoint best teachers who meet requirements of the school and focused on delivering high quality education. Our role is to take the complex and time consuming job of sourcing, training and appointing the qualified teachers to the schools, so the management focuses on their business. Every candidate we appoint is screened carefully to ensure comprehensive development of the students. All schools we work with have been firmly evaluated to ensure that our teachers are getting great opportunity and better work conditions to meet their expectations. We facilitate to create environment that deliver great learning for both students and teachers.

We propose experienced Qualified Teachers who hold a degree and a formal teaching certification in the form of Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Education and Diploma in Teaching or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Our dedicated placement department working exclusively to shortlist and appoint qualified teachers. We offer qualified teachers .


• Pre-Primary Schools

• Primary Schools

• Secondary Schools

Need of qualified teachers

Hiring qualified teachers is significant as students achievement is enhanced by having a certified teacher. According to the studies, the chronic demand for qualified teachers is large due to the movements in teaching sector. Retaining good teachers is one of the great challenges that schools are facing today. According to experts, qualified teacher posses the

following traits:-

• They have deep understanding of the subjects they teach

• They show a firm understanding of how students learn

• They demonstrate the teaching skills necessary to help all students achieve high standards

• They create a positive learning environment

• Use a variety of assessment strategies to diagnose and respond to individual learning needs

• They demonstrate and integrate modern technology into the school curriculum to support student learning

• Collaborate with colleagues, parents, community members, and other educators to improve student learning

• It reflect on their practice to improve future teaching and student achievement

• They pursue professional growth in both content and pedagogy

They encourage a passion for learning in their students

Our Training and Placement program

• The process starts with shortlist qualified teachers for training and certification program to place them to the schools after being certified. Our training team will coach them to qualify Teacher Qualification Test (TQT) that is conducted by the trust itself and successful completion of the test will take them to the next level, i.e. training and certification. The examination has

segregated as follows:-.

• Examination for Play school teacher

• Examination for Primary school teacher

• Examination for Secondary School teacher

• After successful completion of TQT, shortlisted teachers will be given training. And post completion of training program effectively, the trust will certify the teachers and place them to various schools.

• Our teachers training program covers all aspects related to quality education, child psychology, physical & mental development as well as social development of children. The duration of the program is one month.

• We take complete responsibility of not just providing the modern teacher training program, but also ensure to develop a responsible and knowledgeable teacher.

• The current education industry needs to employ trained teachers who have skills to meet the needs of international standard teaching methodology and techniques for new age learners.

• In today’s competitive world, trained teachers can at times be at a loss to find the right guidance and path to make breakthrough in their careers. Our trust will support those trained teachers to find out the right career path for them.

• All teacher training programs are designed to meet the diverse needs and expectations of aspiring or practicing teachers preparing them to teach as per international standard.

• In order to maintain international standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Schools, we organize regular checks, feedback and counseling sessions on education system for schools and teachers.

• Our training programs give talented teachers a career boost and a powerful opportunity to develop leadership skills. An effective training course for teachers provides opportunities for professional growth.

• Our training program combine high-quality mentoring with practice where teachers collaborate to design lessons, observe each other teach, and analyze student.

Teachers are strongly attracted to school systems that focus on finding, keeping, and supporting good teachers. To be successful, teachers need supportive school environments, where they are being valued, trusted, and have opportunity to collaborate to improve for growth. Effective teachers want to work in environments that support and appreciate them. They need atmosphere to collaborate with colleagues to plan, provide input regarding student needs and to participate in professional activities, which allow learning from each other. They are persistent and encourage by other good teachers who become their trusted colleagues, coaches, and mentors and who share to create a good learning environment for their students. Effective leaders attract effective teachers and together they create a great school environment where their teaching and learning can prosper. Supporting new teachers with high-quality, training programs that lighten workload and collaborative planning would increase effectiveness.