Career Opportunity for teachers

Teaching is considered as one of the most noble and respectable profession. Teachers are responsible for imparting right morals, inspiring children and guiding them. The importance of good teachers is enormous in our country during the school life of a child.

Teaching job is a rewarding career as per the experience, knowledge and values. We at Expodian Educational and welfare trust emphasis on training programs, certification and post certification placements.

Our Teachers Training and Placement Program

  1. The process start with inviting applications from qualified teachers for training and certification program that ends with their placement after being certified. We will be conducting an examination - Teacher Qualification Test (TQT) and successful completion of the test will take them to the next level, i.e. training program. The trust will charge nominal fee for conducting exam. The examination has segregated as follows:-
  2. Examination for Play school teacher
  3. Examination for Primary school teacher
  4. Examination for Secondary School teacher
  5. After successful completion of TQT, shortlisted teachers will be called for their training program. And post completion of Teachers training program successfully, the trust will certify the teachers and place them to various schools.
  6. Our teachers training program covers all aspects related to quality education, child psychology, physical & mental development as well as social development of children. The duration of the program is one month.
  7. We take complete responsibility of not just providing the modern teacher training program, but also ensure you can shape your career path with our trusted placement assistance.
  8. The current education industry needs to employ trained teachers who have skills to meet the needs of international standard teaching methodology and techniques for new age learners.
  9. In today’s competitive world, trained teachers can at times be at a loss to find the right guidance and path to make breakthrough in their careers. Our trust will support those trained teachers to find out the right career path for them.
  10. All teacher training programs are designed to meet the diverse needs and expectations of aspiring or practicing teachers preparing them to teach as per international standard.
  11. In order to maintain international standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Schools, we organize regular checks, feedback and counseling sessions on education system for schools and teachers.

Advantages to the Teachers

  1. We value your importance and walk that extra mile to find the right teaching job for you.
  2. We assist teachers by providing Exclusive Placement services support. We address all queries related to the placement.
  3. We provide complete structural overview on approaching different schools and handling placement related concerns
  4. Our placement department is in constant interaction with schools and educational institutions which have a requirement for trained teachers, referring them with the required manpower.
  5. Our placement department gives step by step guideline on the necessary teaching practices, documentation and other details which will be required to perform the job.
  6. We know the importance of real-time assurance for aspiring or practicing teachers.
  7. Our support team members communicate between teachers and schools to understand their requirements better
  8. We are committed to provide a platform for educators to enrich the world of teacher training and extend the reach out the teaching aspirants across India.
  9. After successful completion of training program and certification, the certified teachers can get remuneration up to 35 thousand.
  10. The teachers will avail the benefits of PF and all other benefits obligatory by the government authorities.
  11. We assure career growth and a secured job to certified teachers for their future prospectus.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does trust help in placement?

The trust has an exclusive placement department which facilitates the process of placement. You will have a complete session with the placement department answering to all your questions.

2. Will I get a job after completing training Program and Certification?

Yes, it all depends on your initiative and how well you prepare yourself for interview. We help you in facilitating and making you well equipped with the necessary details and preparation. There are wide opportunities in India to make career into teaching.

3. How much salary can I expect?

This is a very relative question. Salary is something which depends on lot of factors like the place you are going, the school, the policies of the educational institution, your last package, your qualifications and experience, your negotiation power and many other factors. Besides that one can earn remuneration up to 35 thousand.

4. I am coming from a different domain. Will Training Program get me a job?

Definitely. We have numerous examples in the past where we have witnessed that candidates coming from different domains, carrying different field experience have been successfully placed as a teacher.

5. Does the trust have tie-up(s) with different educational institutions?

We have a wide spread network of schools that require certified teachers. The trust will support these schools to get qualified and certified teachers on their own cost. And our well designed training program will also support you to get placement easily. Our exclusive placement department will coordinate for you with various schools and educational departments

6. Will trust help me in getting a job as per my preferred location?

As we mentioned above that we conduct placement drives for various schools and educational institutions. Our placement department will give preferences to your desired location while finding out a job for you. Appreciating the fact that job does not come based on location priorities; you also need to be flexible to move around. You can let us know your location preferences and we would do our best to find job near to your location.

7. Everywhere I see experienced teachers being preferred. Where do I stand?

Considering the market, experienced professionals do have a preference. But the scenario is changing. Fresher and people with less experience are also being hired across cities for their enthusiastic approach, proficiency, highly adaptable and qualifications. There are lots of schools who are hiring experienced teachers and the trust has successfully placed fresher in different schools. It all depends on your initiative, strong belief and your hard work.

8. Is age a barrier in getting a teaching job?

Not really. If you are not looking to find out a job in the Govt. sector, age does not matter. If you are fit enough and deliver according to the expectations, you are well fit in the teaching world.

9. Is B.Ed. a mandatory degree for obtaining a teaching job?

No. Some schools and some institutes in India look for B.Ed. but it is not mandatory. The trust has placed numerous teachers directly from placement drives who are non-B.Ed.

10. What will be the exam pattern and examination fee?

Examination pattern will be similar to competitive exam of Multiple Choice Questions carrying total 200 marks. The examination will be divided into four sections – Mathematics, English Grammar & Literature, Reasoning and General knowledge. All sections are containing 50 marks each. The Examination fees will be different for different exam category – For Play school teacher examination – INR 500/-, For Primary teacher examination – INR 600/-, For Secondary teacher examination – INR 700/-, for all exams together – INR 1400/- and for any two examination – INR 1000/-