How we Support Schools

How we Support Schools

How we Support Schools

How we Support Schools

In order to maintain international standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Schools, we offer improved and well designed education system for schools. We at Expodian Educational and Welfare Trust offer 360 degree development for school starting from placement of certified teachers free of cost and many more benefits, such as:-

Advantages to the School

• The prime advantage to the schools is that the trust will appoint certified teachers free of cost. The compensation expenses of teaching staff will be bear by trust.

• The trust also offers loan facility to the schools at lowest interest rate to develop infrastructure and to invest in technology like school management software and smart classes etc.

• The trust will support schools to get school management software at lowest cost as compare to market.

• The trust will support for Training and Certification of Teaching Staff

• The trust will support in Marketing & Business Development

• The trust will support to create brand value and to enhance the goodwill of the school.

• The trust will monitor and control the performance of teaching staff through regular checks, feedback, review meetings and guidance on education system

We strongly believe that quality is a journey not a destination. To maintain the quality and follow good practices in schools, there should be regular development and up gradation required. We organize regular checks, feedback and counselling sessions on education system for schools and teachers.