How we work

How we work

In order to improve the proficiency and ability of major population, there is a need for upgrading the quality and standards of our present education system. There is a huge number of unemployment despite of numerous job opportunities worldwide. One of the major causes is lack of quality education that results in educated but not qualified job applicants. We at Expodian Educational and Welfare Trust offer 360 degree support system starting from invite nominations from schools to placement of teachers and regularize their day to day operations:-

Step 1: Registration of the Schools

At this level, we are inviting schools to register with us. The school will get number of benefits while register with Expodian. For more details, please visit “How we support Schools” section on our website.

Step 2: Inviting applications from Teachers and conducting exam

• At this level, we are inviting applications from qualified teachers for training and certification program that ends with their placement after being certified.We will be conducting an examination - Teacher Qualification Test (TQT) and successful completion of the test will take them to the next level, i.e. training program. The examination will be categorized as follows:-

• Examination for Play school Teachers

• Examination for Primary Teacher (Class 1 to class 5)

• Examination for Secondary School Teacher (Class 6 to class 10)

Step 3: Training, certification and Recruitments

At this level, we will shortlist the successfully qualified teachers and call them for our Teachers Training Program. After successful completion of Teachers Training Program, the trust will certify teachers to be appointed to various schools with reference to their nearest location. For more details, please visit “Career Opportunity for Teachers” section on our website. In order to maintain international standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Schools, we organize regular checks, feedback and counselling sessions on education system for schools and teachers. We believe that quality is a journey not a destination. To maintain the quality and follow good practices in schools, there should be regular development and up gradation required.