Support in Training & Certification of Teaching Staff

Support in Training & Certification of Teaching Staff

Expodian educational and welfare trust provide support for training & certification of teaching staff. Our training program combine high-quality mentoring with practice where teachers collaborate to design lessons, observe each other teach, and analyze student. We provide extensive one month training, prior to their placements, designed to equip teachers with knowledge, skills and mindsets to become successful teachers. Teachers are not only provided the pedagogical basics of classroom teaching such as lesson planning, vision setting, classroom discipline and content instruction, but they are also develop the mindset and believe needed to drive transformational change within education system. Through our training program, the teachers get exposure to day to day concerns related to the education system. They acquire to cultivate the knowledge and skills from stake holders to attain their teaching positions. We offer qualified teachers for:-

• Pre-Primary Schools

• Primary Schools

• Secondary Schools

Our Teachers Training and Placement Program

• The process starts with shortlist qualified teachers for training and certification program to place them to the schools after being certified. Our training team will coach them to qualify Teacher Qualification Test (TQT) that is conducted by the trust itself and successful completion of the test will take them to the next level, i.e. training and certification. The examination has segregated as follows:-

• Examination for Play school teacher

• Examination for Primary school teacher

• Examination for Secondary School teacher

• After successful completion of TQT, shortlisted teachers will be called for their training program. And post completion of Teachers training program successfully, the trust will certify the teachers and place them to various schools.

• Our teachers training program covers all aspects related to quality education, child psychology, physical & mental development as well as social development of children. The duration of the program is one month.

• We take complete responsibility of not just providing the modern teacher training program, but also ensure you can shape your career path with our trusted placement assistance.

• The current education industry needs to employ trained teachers who have skills to meet the needs of international standard teaching methodology and techniques for new age learners.

• In today’s competitive world, trained teachers can at times be at a loss to find the right guidance and path to make breakthrough in their careers. Our trust will support those trained teachers to find out the right career path for them.

• All teacher training programs are designed to meet the diverse needs and expectations of aspiring or practicing teachers preparing them to teach as per international standard.

• In order to maintain international standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Schools, we organize regular checks, feedback and counseling sessions on education system for schools and teachers.

• Our training programs give talented teachers a career boost and a powerful opportunity to develop leadership skills. An effective training course for teachers provides opportunities for professional growth.

Advantages to the Teachers

• We value your importance and walk that extra mile to find the right teaching job for you.

• We assist teachers by providing Exclusive Placement services support. We address all queries related to the placement.

• We provide complete structural overview on approaching different schools and handling placement related concerns

• Our placement department is in constant interaction with schools and educational institutions which have a requirement for trained teachers, referring them with the required manpower.

• Our placement department gives step by step guideline on the necessary teaching practices, documentation and other details which will be required to perform the job.

• We know the importance of real-time assurance for aspiring or practicing teachers.

• Our support team members communicate between teachers and schools to understand their requirements better

• We are committed to provide a platform for educators to enrich the world of teacher training and extend the reach out the teaching aspirants across India.

• After successful completion of training program and certification, the certified teachers can get remuneration up to 35 thousand.

• The teachers will avail the benefits of PF and all other benefits obligatory by the government authorities.

• We assure career growth and a secured job to certified teachers for their future prospectus.

The trust has an exclusive placement department which facilitates the process of placement. Teachers have a complete session with the placement department to answer all their queries. There are wide opportunities in India to make career into teaching. We have numerous examples in the past where we have witnessed that candidates coming from different domains, carrying different field experience have been successfully placed as a teacher. We have a wide spread network of schools that require certified teachers. The trust will support these schools to get qualified and certified teachers on their own cost. And our well designed training program will support teachers to get placement easily. Candidates with enthusiastic approach, proficiency, highly adaptable and qualified are fit enough for teaching job.