Support in Marketing and Business Development

Support in Marketing and Business Development

Nowadays parents have multiple options when it comes to choosing a school. We can help the schools to market and stand out from the rest to attract more student enrollments. Marketing is an important function as it helps in acquiring business or income. Marketing is one of the most important functions of a successful business. It not only support in building brand awareness, but at the same time it support in increasing sales, growth and to engage customers. The trust will support to promote your school online and offline.

Importance of Marketing for schools

• Marketing helps in creating awareness and inform parents about your school. You are aware about the core values of your school, but how do a parent know that until you inform them about the same. So marketing is the most effective way to communicate your values to parents in a creative and interesting way.

• Marketing help in competing against big brands and competitors. In fact small schools often have much more time to pay attention to every client individually via various marketing platforms. One on one interaction could push consumers in your direction over the bigger brands.

• Marketing helps to sustain your presence into the market. It is not a onetime activity; it is an ongoing process that helps your business flourishes. It helps you to create and maintain healthy relationship with parents. It allows schools to maintain long lasting presence into the market.

• Parent’s engagement is a heart of a successful school. This is where marketing plays an important role. School can send different contents to the parents to keep them engaged beyond the boundaries of the school. It will help in developing a great relationship with the parents.

• Modern Digital marketing brings quick results than the traditional marketing resources. Social media platforms and email campaigns have made reaching out parents much faster and easily.

• Every business needs marketing to generate income and drives sales, so it schools. Marketing helps you to grow the number of enrolments for your school.

• Marketing is an important strategy to ensure the growth of your business. While your current customers should always be your main priority, marketing efforts can help you expand this base.

The trust will support to promote your school through both online and offline marketing. Let us accumulate traditional / offline marketing activities as follows:-

Local Area Networking

• Placement of Boards, Banners & Posters

• Sun pack, Kios & No Parking small boards

• Flyer distribution

• Email and SMS marketing

• Canopy Activities and Surveys to nearest Markets

• Recruitment of Marketing staff for canopy and conducting surveys

• Parents referral discount Program

• Word of Mouth Publicity

• Organizing Events

• Cold Calling

• Advertisement in newspapers and local magazines

• Radio ads and TV ads

• Sponsorships

• CSR activities

Digital Marketing activities

1. Website Development (responsive websites)

2. Online promotion of website

3. Google Listing

4. Face book Page and Face book Campaigns

5. Google ad campaigns

6. Online Listings with different portals

7. Watsapp and mobile Marketing

8. Effective Social Media Presence

9. Effective blogs on Parenting Site

10. Online Articles Submission on different parenting portals

11. Marketing on other social media plat forms

12. YouTube Marketing

13. Content writing marketing