Use of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Sheet

Use of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Sheet

There are a certain set of instructions which must be followed while handling the (Optical Mark Recognition) OMR Sheet. Candidates must abide by the given instructions and follow the rules stated regarding OMR Sheet while attempting TQT 2019. Given below are few facts and guidelines related to it:

• Candidates will find OMR Sheet placed inside a sealed test booklet. The seal must be opened only after the announcement by the invigilator.

• Code like A, B, C or D printed on OMR sheet will be same as mentioned in the test booklet.

• OMR Sheet will be scanned on an optical scanner. Candidates should ensure that OMR Sheet is not folded.

• Do not write your Roll number anywhere except in a specified space in OMR sheet.

Side 1 of OMR sheet contains following columns which are to be filled clearly and accurately with ball point pen (blue/black). Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.

1. Roll Number

2. Name of the candidate

3. Father’s Name

4. Centre Number

5. Name of the Examination CentreSide 2 of OMR Sheet contains the following columns:

1. Roll Number

2. Main Test Booklet Number

3. Language Supplement Booklet Number

4. Language Supplement Booklet Code

5. Language in which you have attempted the questions

6. Signature of the candidate

TQT 2019 Exam Day Instructions

Guidelines which have to be followed during TQT examination 2019 are listed below. Candidates must carefully go through them before sitting for TQT 2019:

• The test will start exactly at the time mentioned on TQT Admit Card.

• Candidate will be asked to open the seal of the Test Booklet five minutes before the commencement of paper.

• Check carefully that Test Booklet Code printed on Side 2 of OMR Sheet is same as printed on Test Booklet.

• Immediately report the matter to invigilator for replacement of both the Test Booklet and OMR Sheet in the case of any discrepancy.

• During the examination, invigilator will check the admit card to verify the identity of a candidate.

• Candidates must use ballpoint pen (Blue/Black) only. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited and will be rejected.

• Candidates will mark the answers on the OMR sheet only after the announcement of the invigilator.